Frequenty Asked Questions

Admission Procedure

The most sought after institutes have their own independent admission processes. However, all of them have a 2-stage process:-

Stage 1:

Written admission test- Multiple-choice tests in mathematics, verbal, reading, logic & business awareness conducted in centers across India.

Stage 2:

Personality Assessment- Those who qualify through Stage 1 normally proceed to two stages of personality assessment:

Group Discussion:

Your performance in a group, while discussing a topic of current importance, is evaluated by a panel of judges. Read more about GDs.

Personal Interview:

You are interviewed by a panel of specialists. Read more about the interview process. On basis of the Group Discussion, the candidate's ability is assessed in terms of their:-

  • Behaviours
  • Communication skills.
  • Contribution of ideas facilitating a discussion.
  • The range and depth of his / her knowledge on topics of general interest.
  • Initiative and leadership qualities.

The Personal Interview process normally takes place after the group discussions. In this interview, besides the validation of the information provided by the candidate in the application form, a candidate's suitability for the management program is assessed on basis of various personal attributes.

Past Academic Performance:

Due weightage is given to a candidate's past academic performance also during the selection process.

Work Experience:

Appropriate weightage is also given to candidates having at least 6 months of full-time work experience.

Selection Process:

Admissions to most of the Business Management Programs are carried out on the basis of interest and aptitude. Selections are done through a multi-mode procedure.

Admissions are made on the basis of:

  • Academic performance
  • Performance in Entrance Test (where ever applicable).
  • Performance in Group Discussions Performance in Personal Interview
  • Work Experience (for Managers)
MBA(CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, FMS, IIFT)--MCA(JECA, NIMCET, KIIT, IITJAM, JNU)--Others(P.O, CLERK, RAIL, SSC, PSC)--Spoken English Classes @250/- Only