Consultancy Services

Edu Mantra provides education consultancy services to both students as well as educational institutions.

To students, we provide personalized guidance and counselling to help them realize their dream of studying in India, while tailoring a path to suit their specific career aspirations. We provide assistance right through the application procedures to accommodation needs, scholarship and funding opportunities.

To education providers, we provide marketing services through brand building and promotional activities. We also undertake business development assignments in cities.

We are a young and driven team that takes pride in working with integrity & passion and going that extra mile for our clients.

Services to Students:

We offer a wide range of services to our students such as:

Admission Counselling and College Selection:

Gaining admission to the best schools is an effort requiring competence coupled with enthusiasm, right knowledge and focused endeavour. The first step in this process is undoubtedly the crucial decision as to which college and university best suits your unique needs. This choice will determine to a large degree your chances of admission. The student has to match aspirations with reality and aim for schools, colleges and universities which are in within the range of attainment.

Counselling plays a vital role in this as:

  • Admission counselling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to career counselling.
  • Access counsellors have the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale of almost all prominent schools, colleges and universities.
  • College selection is the most vital step in the whole procedures to start with.
  • An Access expert can easily recognize, define and quantify individual student strengths, needs, chances and interests and match it to the top colleges which will address these most competently and where he has the maximum chances of admission.
  • Expert counselors are bale to prescribe a healthy mix of 'aspirational' schools where the student can hope to gain admission and 'safe' schools where he has appreciable higher chances of acceptance and substantial scholarship support.
  • The final preparation of student admission essays, resume's, scholarship and fee waiver requests, etc require expert advice and guidance, which parents and the students urgently require.

Assistance in course selection & admission application:

Selecting the right course of study from myriad options available today can be a daunting challenge. We provide students with the tools that help them identify and narrow down their choice of interests. They say: ‘choose a job you love and you won’t have to work another day’. Be it music or microbiology, astronomy or art, we take it upon ourselves to help you choose what is right for you.

The application procedure is another hurdle in the way of admissions. With an insight into the system of admission, we provide you with answers to all your questions. We take you step by step, closer to a successful completion of the applications and admissions process.

Services to Educational Institutions:

Education Providers to us are esteemed clients without whom our existence is futile. We offer a number of business development and student recruitment services to them. We have a team of experts who have an in depth knowledge of the education business across the city, and can provide very effective business solutions to Education Providers.

To education providers, we provide marketing services through brand building and promotional activities. We also undertake business development assignments in Cities.

We undertake a number of brand building and promotional activities such as:

  • Arranging regular presentations in centres/schools and Colleges.
  • Newspaper and other print-media advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Guiding counsellors about our partner institutes.
  • Arranging and conducting spot admission on behalf of the institution.
  • Arranging seminars for the partner’s colleges.

If you want us to represent you, please write to us

Why Us:

Edu Mantra counselling services offered at our institute try to churn out the best quality & strengths out of the candidates by measuring them on international level parameters. We not only sharpen their knowledge domain but also their overall personality in our extra curricular activities, especially designed to bring forth the real essence. Every step is minutely examined without missing the tiniest error which might prove harmful in a student's growth. Therefore, we beautifully blend the contemporary method with age old practices in our education imparting procedure.

Giving priority to bright personalities, we work as committed facilitators who instigate in them positive attributes coupled with enthusiasm and focused endeavour. With so many roles to play at our end, we promise to offer the best educational milieu necessary for the growth of a genius.

  • Edu Mantra helps in offering educational consultancy services as first hand information & knowledge on the concerned field of study. The students are accordingly prepared for the most crucial role in demand.
  • We treat our students as priceless, thus, devoting extra attention on their personality growth.
  • We help in refining their skills & command over languages.
  • We prepare the aspirants mentally & psychologically for the gruelling tests by conducting mock tests & group discussions which instigates the fighter & winning spirit in them.
  • We are an all pervasive institute taking care of details right from the scratch till the end procedure. We keep them updated with latest information’s on admission criteria garnered through varied resources.
  • We instigate the best qualities, making them competent to crack the toughest papers & get through top-rated colleges.
MBA(CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, FMS, IIFT)--MCA(JECA, NIMCET, KIIT, IITJAM, JNU)--Others(P.O, CLERK, RAIL, SSC, PSC)--Spoken English Classes @250/- Only